Photo Organization: What to do AFTER You Take Photos by Jill Gum

Photo Organization: What to do AFTER You Take Photos

This Video Mini-Course is an excerpt from the Photo University all about what to do AFTER you take you photos with your camera.  I walk you through my ENTIRE system from when I am done taking the photos on my camera through what I do to print them, and goes into great depth about my full process. It includes: how I choose which photos to keep (you actually see me do it from a set of photos of my kids!), exactly how I organize, store, backup, and print our photos, AND lots of ideas on how to set up a schedule to keep yourself on track for it all both monthly and yearly (including schedule templates for you to use). This is a system that I spent YEARS developing that works SO well to keep me organized, and more importantly, to keep my photos viewable, enjoyable, and organized for years to come.

What's included?

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