Outsourcing for Creatives by Jill Gum

Outsourcing for Creatives

Learn to share your load by outsourcing and get your life back!

What's included?

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1- OPEN FIRST- Course Welcome!.pdf
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Course Toolkit
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Outsourcing Course Bonus- Outsourcing in Life.mp4
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Lesson 1: Why to Outsource
Outsourcing Course- Part 1 (Why).mp4
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Lesson 2: What to Outsource
Outsourcing Course- Part 2 (What).mp4
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Lesson 3: How to Outsource
Outsourcing Course-Part 3 (How).mp4
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What is Honeybook.mp4
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Lesson 4: Who to Outsource to
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Lesson 5: The Relationship
Outsourcing Course-Part 5 (relationship).mp4
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Lesson 6 (BONUS)
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Hey There!

Welcome to the Jill Gum Classroom!  I'm Jill, a photographer, educator, and encourager (and past high school teacher of 8 years!).

I hope this classroom is an incredibly useful resource for you, wherever you are on your creative business journey!

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Q:I have more questions about the course before I can confidently say "I'm in!" How do I ask?

A: Please email my support team at support@jillgum.com and we will get back to you (hover and click for a link!).

Q:What if I have remaining questions about outsourcing after the course?

A: The exclusive Jill Gum Student Facebook community is there for this purpose!  Both my Virtual Assistant (Sarah!) and I will regularly be in the group to answer follow-up questions, and we know the other students will be there to help as well!  We also plan on doing follow-up Q+A videos throughout the first year after launch to help answer further questions.

Q:What sort of technology do I need to access this course?

A: You will need a computer for this course that has an internet connection.  You will not need to download the video files in order to access them-- you will simply be able to log in and view your videos online. However, you will need an adequate internet connection to allow the videos to load so you can watch them! 

Q:How do I know if my business is ready for outsourcing?

A: It is my 100% belief that your business is ready before you feel like you are at capacity and super busy.  By then, you are too late and it is very hard to find the time to get outsourcing started.  From the moment you feel stuck doing tasks that take time but don't necessarily move your bottom line forward, it is time to find someone else to do those jobs for you so you can do tasks that actually earn you more money!
If you want further details about this, click HERE for a free online class explaining more about outsourcing and how it has the potential to change your business!

Q: Will I get future content upgrades or additions to the course if they happen?

A: YES! Because it's a download, you have FOREVER access to the content.  If any future changes, upgrades, or additions to the content come out for the course, it will go to all previously-enrolled students as well.

Q:What is the refund policy?

A: We are so sure that if you really do the work and take the time to dig deep, this content will work for you!  That being said, because of the digital nature of this course, there will be no refunds offered at this time. Current students can reach out to Jill for further questions in this area.

Q: I am a creative business owner, but I'm not a wedding photographer. Is this course for me?

The content of this course is highly applicable for any small creative business owner who wants to outsource, and any type of photographer!  Because I am a photographer myself, the examples I use are photography- based when discussing what to outsource, but I walk my students through how to decide what to outsource in their business as well (not just what I choose to outsource).