Live 1-on-1 Editing Tutorial in LightRoom by Jill Gum

Live 1-on-1 Editing Tutorial in LightRoom

Join me on a 30 minute online Video call where I will share my screen for a live editing demo of YOUR photos in Adobe LR.  We will work through simple solutions for your photos to help you make really effective and easy edits.  I will also help show you whichever style you prefer for your photos!  I can answer give you solutions to your hardest editing questions and help you becoming a pro at editing your photos!  This tutorial purchase also includes my 3 Signature LightRoom presets with instructions to download and use them!
Note: You must have Adobe LR for this one on one class.
After you purchase, you will get access to my online classroom where you will find the instructions for scheduling your session and ALL the details for how to prep for your session!  You will also get my 3 signature presets to download, and instructions for how to get them into your LR to use.
If you are super hesitant about me editing your pictures, I could also just give you a half hour tutorial editing my own so you can learn about LR- but I recommend we use your photos!
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What's included?

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Information on Editing Session- open to schedule!
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