Jill Gum Photo University by Jill Gum
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Jill Gum Photo University

Continuous education on how to capture your life as you live it.
Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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March 2019- Photographing Inside With Natural Light
March 2019 Photo U Worksheet.pdf
94.3 KB
March 2019 Photo U Video.mp4
(1h 18m 15s)
April 2019- Telling the Story
April 2019 PhotoU Worksheet.pdf
198 KB
April 2019 Photo U Video.mp4
(1h 06m 05s)
May 2019- Photographing in Sunshine
May 2019 Photo U Guide .pdf
16.3 MB
May Photo U.mp4
41 mins
June 2019- Photographing At Sunset
June 2019 Photo U Worksheet.pdf
174 KB
June Photo U.mp4
47 mins
July 2019- Editing Part I
161 KB
Download Instructions.mp4
4 mins
July 2019 PDF Glossary AfterShot Pro.pdf
158 KB
July Photo U.mp4
(1h 07m 15s)
Corel Editing Booster.mp4
13 mins
August 2019- On Location Live Photography Demonstration
August 2019 Photo U Quick Guide.pdf
791 KB
August Photo U.mp4
(1h 02m 21s)
September 2019- Behind The Scenes
September Photo U.mp4
(1h 21m 57s)
Sept 2019 Photo U Worksheet.pdf
130 KB
Export Size Extra
876 KB
Monthly Calendar
313 KB
Monthly Calendar- Plain
203 KB
Yearly Calendar
1010 KB
Yearly Calendar- Plain
475 KB
October 2019- Composition
Oct 2019 Photo U Worksheet .pdf
358 KB
October Photo U.mp4
(1h 09m 15s)
November 2019- Posing your Friends and Family
November 2019 Photo U Guide
64.8 MB
November Photo U.mp4
(1h 15m 32s)

Hey There!

Welcome to the Jill Gum Classroom!  I'm Jill, a photographer, educator, and encourager (and past high school teacher of 8 years!).

I hope this classroom is an incredibly useful resource for you, wherever you are on your creative business journey!

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