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Continuous education on how to capture your life as you live it.

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You can learn how to use your DSLR camera (or any camera!) to capture your family and your life as you live it!

In this monthly membership, we will cover shooting in manual, and how to achieve the lighting, composition, editing, style, and storytelling you dream of in your photography.  In learning about these topics month after month, students will gain a much fuller understanding of each of these topics, and how they work together to make up each photo.  Click HERE for more details!

Every month, we will cover a new topic.  The content includes a 60+ minute video mini-course, a PDF or worksheet to go along with the video, and a Live Online Q+A session with me.

This membership program is for the busy mom, student, or hobbyist who doesn't have the TIME to commit hours and hours in one setting to learn how to use their camera.  Learn on your schedule, in your ideal timeframe, and watch again and again for the price of just a couple of coffee drinks a month.

When you sign up, you get immediate access to the first month's content and a bonus Mastering Manual Settings mini-course!  Each month's new content will be released to you 30 days later!  Free 10 day trial if you subscribe today!


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Hey There!

Welcome to the Jill Gum Classroom!  I'm Jill, a photographer, educator, and encourager (and past high school teacher of 8 years!).

I hope this classroom is an incredibly useful resource for you, wherever you are on your creative business journey!

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Where can I learn more details about the Photo University?

Click HERE for a full description of the program and all the details!

I have never used my camera before--is this membership for me or is it for my friend who has used her camera for years on Manual?

This membership is for you BOTH!  We will start super basic--but it will very quickly turn into content that could improve any photographer wherever they are in their journey.  As for the early content for someone who is advanced, a review of the basics or seeing what settings and preferences another photographer has is always helpful!

What exactly will be covered as topics in the course?

The first 6 months of the Photo U are: Photographing indoors with natural light, Telling a Story with your photos, Intro to Editing, Photographing Outdoors during daytime, Photographing at Sunset, and Behind the Scenes with your photos (what to do with them after you have taken them!).

Beyond that, I have 24 months of content planned out all around lighting, composition, style, editing, camera settings, etc.  But as we go through, I will be learning from my students what they need to review, need extra help on, or want more details on and will adjust the content as we go.  Each month will be focused on a specific topic, and while we will reference topics learned in previous months' content, the months will also be available for individual purchase (at a higher rate for non Photo U Students). 

I don't have a DSLR (or maybe even know what one is)...is this for me?

This class is for anyone who wants to learn photography with ANY type of camera!!  We will discuss topics that are more applicable to those with cameras where the lens can change (DSLR or mirrorless cameras), BUT anyone with a digital camera or even a good iphone and some creativity could benefit from this membership!  It may make you want a "fancy camera" in the future though!!

The Jill Gum Photo U says it's a "membership program." What does that mean?

Instead of the content ALL being rolled out at once (talk about overwhelming!), the content will be rolled out one month at a time starting March 1st!  This way, students can learn about one specific concept and spend the month putting it into practice (while getting support in the FB group).  Then, students can move on and learn about a new topic once they have a good handle on the previous content and are ready!

What do I have access to when I sign up?

The official membership, with the monthly released content, begins on January 6th.  The new themed content for each month is released on the 5th (or first week day after) of each month from there on out! In the mean time though, upon purchase, you get IMMEDIATE access to the Mastering Manual Mini-Course, where you learn exactly how to photograph in manual, with YOU controlling the settings instead of letting your camera think for you!  

What sort of technology do I need to access this course?

You will need a computer for this course with a good internet connection.  That's it!

Do I have access to the content forever?

For as long as you are continuously enrolled as an active student in the Jill Gum Photo University, you can watch, rewatch, and rewatch again every month's content any time you want.

I have more questions about the course before I can confidently say "I'm in!" How do I ask?

Please email my support team at support@jillgum.com and we will get back to you!