Jill Gum Photo University by Jill Gum

Jill Gum Photo University

Continuous education on how to capture your life as you live it.
You can learn how to use your DSLR camera (or any camera!) to capture your family and your life as you live it!

In this monthly membership, we cover shooting in manual, and how to achieve the lighting, composition, editing, style, storytelling, and so much more to take the photos dream of with your photography.  In learning about these topics month after month, students will gain a much fuller understanding of each of these topics, and how they work together to make up each photo.  Click HERE for more details!

Every month, we will cover a new specific topic related to your photography.  The content includes a 30-60+ minute instructional video mini-course, a PDF or worksheet to go along with the video, and a Live Online Booster Q+A session with me in the exclusive student Facebook group.

This membership is for the mom, student, or hobbyist who wants the flexibility to learn all this content on their own time (including in one long marathon weekend if you have the time!).  Learn on your schedule, in your ideal timeframe, and watch again and again all while having access to me and your fellow students in the FB group for questions and feedback!

Sign up today for access to the bonus Mastering Manual Mini-Course and the first month's content! Click HERE for many more details about the Photo University Membership.
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What's included? New content each month!

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Month 1: Photographing Inside With Natural Light
Month 1 Photo U Worksheet.pdf
94.3 KB
Month 1 Photo U Part I mp4
44 mins
Month 1 Photo U Part II .mp4
37 mins
Month 2: Telling the Story
Month 2 Photo U Worksheet.pdf
201 KB
Month 2 Photo U .mp4
(1h 05m 52s)
Month 3: Photographing in Sunshine
Month 3 Photo U Guide.pdf
6.99 MB
Month 3 Photo U 2020.mp4
41 mins
Month 4: Photographing At Sunset
Month 4 Photo U Worksheet.pdf
174 KB
Month 4 Photo U 2020.mp4
47 mins
Month 5: Editing Part I
161 KB
*Downloading Corel Aftershot Pro.mp4
4 mins
Month 5 PDF- Glossary AfterShot Pro.pdf
158 KB
Month 5 Photo U.mp4
(1h 17m 10s)
Month 6: On Location Live Photography Demonstration
Month 6 Quick Glance Guide
74 KB
Month 6 Photo U.mp4
(1h 01m 50s)
Month 7: Behind The Scenes
Month 7 Photo U Worksheet.pdf
130 KB
Month 7 Photo U.mp4
(1h 21m 55s)
Export Size Extra
876 KB
Monthly Calendar
313 KB
Monthly Calendar- Plain
203 KB
Yearly Calendar
1010 KB
Yearly Calendar- Plain
475 KB
Month 8: Composition
Month 8 WKSHT.pdf
358 KB
Composition- Month 8.mp4
(1h 09m 13s)
Month 9: Posing your Friends and Family
Month 9 Slides.pdf
64.8 MB
Y1M9 Part I.mp4
33 mins
Y1M9 Part II.mp4
39 mins
Month 10: Editing Part II
152 KB
Accessing Google Drive Photos.mp4
6 mins
Month 10 Photo U Glossary.pdf
159 KB
Downloading Corel Aftershot Pro.mp4
4 mins
Month 10 Photo U.mp4
(1h 01m 59s)
Month 11: Focus 101
Month 11 Photo U SlidesFocus 101_ How to take Tack Sharp Photos (2).pdf
1.02 MB
Month 11 Photo U Part I.mp4
58 mins
Month 11 Photo U Part II.mp4
28 mins

Hey There!

Welcome to the Jill Gum Classroom!  I'm Jill, a photographer, educator, and encourager (and past high school teacher of 8 years!).

I hope this classroom is an incredibly useful resource for you, wherever you are on your creative business journey!

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Where can I learn more details about the Photo University?

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