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Welcome to the Jill Gum Classroom!  I'm Jill, a photographer, educator, and encourager (and past high school teacher of 8 years!).

I hope this classroom is an incredibly useful resource for you, wherever you are on your creative business journey!

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Jill Gum Photo University

Continuous online education on how to capture your life as you live it. Covers EVERYTHING you need to take beautiful meaningful photos.

Jill Gum Photo University

Continuous online education on how to capture your life as you live it. Covers EVERYTHING you need to take beautiful meaningful photos.

Mastering Manual Mini-Course

Say Goodbye to Automatic: Learn to Photograph in Manual! This video course will teach you all you need to know to begin to shoot in manual with your DSLR, mirrorless camera, or point and shoot camera (DSLR recommended!). There is a video, a supplemental workbook, and a cheat sheet to get you started! I have taught this content for 4 years to almost 100 photographers in person-- and now it is finally available online!

Live 1-on-1 Editing Tutorial in LightRoom

Online Live Editing Tutorial where Jill edits YOUR photos with you to show you simple solutions to editing and find a style you love!

Photo Organization: What to do AFTER You Take Photos

Online Mini-Course to teach my EXACT process on how to sort, organize, store, share, and print your photos!  Say goodbye to chaos!

Checklist: Finding the Best Light

Posing, Location, and Lighting, oh my!! As a photographer, you need to balance a lot while out on a shoot and it is SO important to be confident in your skills while directing your clients during their session. I remember starting out as a photographer and feeling so nervous about finding the best light for my images and not knowing how to harness it! This freebie shares all of my secrets and provides an in-depth look at how to find the best light and use it to create jaw-dropping images you've always dreamed of!!

Start Your Newsletter in 3 Easy Steps

For the last several years, every industry leader out there has been saying "you need an email list!" They're right. But if you are anything like I was a few years ago, you keep pushing it off because it seems like such a daunting, hard-to-navigate task. I'm here to tell you, friends, it doesn't have to difficult! I'm sharing my thoughts on newsletters and I walk you through how to Start Your Newsletter in 3 Easy (and pain-free!) Steps!! 

Jump Start to Blogging

I've been able to build a 6-figure photography business in just a few years while spending maybe $75 on paid advertisement. How? Blogging. Blogging has (by FAR) been the #1 marketer in my business and has completely transformed how I market my business, my client experience, and my workflow! This how-to guide (and 2+ pages of content ideas) is for the blogging-newbies out there who are either overwhelmed by blogging or those who just aren't sure if blogging is right for their business!! 

3 Simple Secrets to Wow Your Clients

Do you want to cut down your marketing time looking for amazing clients by simply WOW-ing your current clients? I'm so grateful that in my business, most of my perfect clients are referred by my current perfect clients!! In this freebie, I'm sharing my 3 need-to know secrets on how to easily impress your clients every step of the way and turn them into your business' top marketers!! 

The Creative Business Owner's Guide to Outsourcing

Newsletter. Mentoring. Workshops. Content Creation. These are just SOME of the tasks I didn't have time for before I started outsourcing!! Outsourcing has completely changed my LIFE!! Not only have I been able to grow my business (and do ALL the things on my list I didn't have time for before), but I was also able to do it while earning more and working less!! The Creative Business Owner's Guide to Outsourcing shares my top tips when starting to outsource, how-to's, and when to begin!! 

3 Simple Secrets to Get Great Photos of Your Kids

Do you want to be able to take better photos of your children and capture those precious memories?! Learn my top THREE secrets to get great photos of your children today!